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5 Reasons Why Partner Communities are Crucial to your Success

We all expect to have data and all sorts of tools on our fingertips. If you belong to the automotive or manufacturing industry then your channel partners like distributors and dealers are no different. They require instant access to data such as conversions, leads and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

These people want to find product information, blog posts and knowledge articles all on a click of a button or with a highly simplified search. They also require easy ways of communication with you and with other partners as well regarding tips, ideas, and issues.

Salesforce Community Cloud features Partner Communities which allow you to provide a level of service to meet or even exceed all these expectations. Let’s look at the top 5 reasons behind this.

Communities Promote Loyalty

Communities give the impression to the partners that you are invested in them. This encourages them to in turn get invested in you. By providing access to important data, information and tools you make doing business easier.

With the Advent of Mobile Device Supported Communities, information has been digitized and can be accessible from anywhere on the go. This Enables Dealers to invest more time in selling and to make more money.

Communities enable Partners to make informed and Data-Driven Decisions

Imagine running a business with no access to data, and conversions, etc. This will make it impossible to figure out where change is required to increase sales and revenues. Communities provide dashboards to your partners with real-time data and reports. This empowers them to make important decisions to increase their productivity and yours as well.

Communities open Gates for Innovation and Process Improvements through Collaboration

Social Media and Social Platforms like Twitter and Facebook are at the core of our society today, they help in driving innovation at many companies by enabling nonstop Communication. Chatter Feature in Communities.

Also serves a similar purpose for your Business by providing a platform to share ideas, ask questions, and providing feedback between partners.  This facilitates Innovation because it provides insight as what your partners are thinking and saying.

Communities can help in increasing ROI

Deloitte found in a CMO Survey that Manufacturing Companies spend 8 percent of their total budget on Marketing. Communities can enable you to enter markets faster by sharing vital marketing information with your partners.

An easy to use portal can be made to enable Cooperative Efforts saving costs and time. You can become more efficient by putting sales programs, branded promotions and marketing material In front of your partners faster and in an easy to access manner. Also, you can use your marketing budget on other important areas to further increase ROI.

Communities Drive Sales

In a report by Forrester, companies that implement a managed Lead-to-Revenue (L2R) Process, demonstrate 30 percent better performance for marketing contribution to pipeline and revenues. They also got 50 percent higher revenue growth.

Partner Communities Allow you to route leads directly to your partners. This enables them to take action quickly as the time taken to respond to a lead is critical for converting a lead to sales and revenue.

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