Office 365

Microsoft Teams Integrations Support Smarter Working

For Workplace Communications, Microsoft Teams is emerging as a tremendous Platform for Workflow Efficiency and Collaboration. But the question is,…


Microsoft Teams: Quantifying the Value of Collaboration

Microsoft Is keen at positioning Teams as the key to enterprise hub for teamwork. A platform focused ON Workplace Communications,…


What’s New in Dataflows in Power Apps?

Microsoft has released a number of new features in Dataflows over the past few weeks. These features allow users to…


How to Easily Search, Drag and Drop from the New Canvas Insert Pane?

PowerApps is a comprehensive suite that comprises Applications, Connectors, Services, and Data Platform to provide a Rapid Application Development Environment…


What Are The Environment Variables Available In Preview In Powerapps?

Different Configuration Settings are required across Environments for Applications and Flows. Microsoft recently introduced the ability to transport Configuration Data…

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