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How to Achieve a Paperless Office with SharePoint?

Many organizations in today’s world aim to have a paperless office space. SharePoint together with Office 365 provides such handsome features to make this desire a possibility. Let’s take a look at few tips to achieve a paperless environment at your Office with SharePoint and Office 65.

Use OneNote instead of Paper:

OneNote is a great tool and is part of every SharePoint Site. This helps in keeping a log and track of agendas and meeting notes. It enables tracking of notes informally. You can even get creative and build proper templates with the help of Microsoft Word and embed them as part of templates available.

Removing Printers:

You may take it as a joke but you will have to remove printers or at-least make it harder for people to print in order to achieve a paperless environment. Other people will still hit that print button without any regard for the Environment. This can be thought of a free pizza placed in the kitchen, obviously it will be gone before the lunchtime even starts.

Connect with SharePoint and Microsoft Teams:

Meetings are the most obvious happenings that call for paper-based output. People print out agendas, presentations, statuses and supporting documentation that was attached to the meeting request itself. To get a better idea of this, multiply all of it with multiple attendees. Hence to get away from all this connect with SharePoint Site or Microsoft Team right from within the conference room so as to project all such material on the screen.

Train Users about Version History and Co-Authoring:

Employees usually print something out when they want to mark up the documents with changes. This is no longer required because of tools like Version History and Co-Authoring. So you need to educate the users about these new features.

Use Flow to Automate Business Processes:

Business Processes that are recurring such as Sign-Offs and Document Approvals are another big offender with regard to the environment safety. In many Organizations many employees print documents to get them signed off and then scan them back into the system. The question here is why? You can easily automate this whole process using Microsoft Flow. This will allow you to verify these documents electronically within your Email engine or from your Mobile Device.

Encouraging the use of Mobile Applications:

You should Allow and in-fact encourage the use of Mobile-based devices to access information and documents using OneDrive and SharePoint. For example, this will enable you to instead of printing a long multipage report for a meeting, allow users to access one using their cellphone or tablet right at the meeting table.

Paperless Business Environment is a much-desired feature in today’s environmentally aware world. People are getting more and more conscious about the impact of their actions on the environment. Also Governments and different Social Groups are putting pressure on organizations to decrease the use of natural resources such as paper that is made from wood and use of paper calls for cutting down forests. Hence you should put up an emphasis on steps indicated in this article to move towards a paperless and more environmentally friendly office space.

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