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How to Easily Search, Drag and Drop from the New Canvas Insert Pane?

PowerApps is a comprehensive suite that comprises Applications, Connectors, Services, and Data Platform to provide a Rapid Application Development Environment to enable the creation of custom applications according to specific business needs.

PowerApps can be used to easily build Custom Based Business Applications that can connect to your important Business Data stored either on an online storage facility or on your data platform / Common Data Service or On-Premise Data Sources like Excel, SharePoint, Office 365, SQL Server and Dynamics 365, etc.

Applications on PowerApps Platform boost Rich Logic and Workflow Capabilities to help you in transforming your manual business processed to automated and digital processes. These applications can run on browsers and even on Mobile Devices. This also doesn’t require any hectic code writing to design applications and enables a very easy process to build custom business applications.

People over at Microsoft Corporation are always hard at work and it’s part of their vision to enable a diverse and useful component ecosystem in PowerApps for developing Applications. The upcoming Preview in Canvas Applications of the Power Applications Component Framework and of Canvas Components is based highly on this vision. Microsoft expects to increase the number of components available by Microsoft, through communities, companies and more. To enable the scalability and availability of such powerful components, Microsoft has introduced the Insert Pane.

This Insert Pane is the new way to add components to Applications. You can access this feature from the plus icon on the Sidebar. A search bar is also there to help you find components easily. You don’t have to work with cumbersome menus, you just have to type in the name and search for the desired component. This Insert Pane also features a category named Popular that contains the most used Applications.

Users are now able to Drag Components from the Insert Pane to the Canvas. This Drag and Drop functionality can also be used to drop components inside data cards and galleries. You can drag and drop a specific component exactly at the place you want it to be. This doesn’t eliminate the ability to select a component to be inserted to your selection on Canvas that still works as intended.

A current and known issue or gap is that the Current Experience is that the full list of icons is not there in the pane, but will be added soon. The Insert Tab with all its capabilities is still available because of its importance for the Application Building Experience.

This change in how components are inserted by users is a major step and Microsoft is keen to keep working on it and improving it based on community feedback. Content Relies on Interaction and this is where Microsoft urges the community to provide suggestions and report problems by using the #Insertpane Hashtag.

We hope this article proves to be helpful in your hunt for knowledge regarding PowerApps and for your Applications Building Journey and we hope to provide more on this topic in the future.

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