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How to Fix the Content and Structure Page in SharePoint Online?

SharePoint is a Web-based Collaborative Platform that is capable of integration with Microsoft Office and other applications. Initially launched in 2001, SharePoint is aimed at or is perceived to be a Document Management and Storage System but it can be used to do much more based on the configurations and Organization’s Requirements.

You can use it as a safe place to store, organize, access and share information from any device. All you need is a Web Browser like Chrome or Firefox.

Microsoft SharePoint builds on Microsoft’s key areas of development like Sites, Content, Communities, Composites and Search. You can use it for:

  • Intranet Services and Social Network.
  • Enterprise Content and Document Management.
  • File Hosting Service (Cloud Storage).
  • Custom Web-based Applications.
  • Collaborative Software.

Content and Structure Tool Page

One of the useful features in SharePoint online is Site and Structure Tool but it is an old Feature so Microsoft is planning on removing it from the application. Your content may disappear and from October 2018 Microsoft made it hidden to the end-users. But there are some ways to access Content and Structure let’s take a look at how you can do this.

Even after Microsoft’s Retiring of the tool and making it hidden from the toolbar, it can still be accessed provided you had access to it earlier. You should be using the classic SharePoint Site Collections with publishing feature enabled. It can be accessed only for a limited time and by SharePoint Site Collection Administrators only.

You can access the site by appending “_layouts/15/sitemanager.aspx” at the end of the web URL. You should be able to use this method for a couple of months ahead.

Move To…

Content and Structure is being replaced by “Move to…” Dialogue in Modern SharePoint. This functionality can be accessed in all library views as long as you are using the Modern View.

Move to… got one big Caveat when compared to Content and Structure Tool i.e. if you move files out from a library it will break the durable links but also changes the Document ID of the moved file. Document ID was kept the same by Content and Structure Tool while moving a document within a site.

Documents retain their respective ID only if they are moved in the same library. When they are moved outside of the library the link breaks and a new Document ID is generated. So the thing is the only way to move a document and to retain the Document id as well is only using by Content and Structure Interface.

One thing to note here is that this functionality has been removed from the SharePoint Online only and on Premises installations are still free to whatever they want. It is even present in the newest release of SharePoint.

Microsoft in an official statement said that starting from October 2018 only Site Collection Administrators will be able to use the Site Content and Structure Page. It will eventually be retired fully by March 2019, however you can still try this method to access the feature if you are using SharePoint Online.

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