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How to Retain Customers with Salesforce?

Customer Retention has become one of the major problems in the industry. Mainly because Advancements in technology has led to increased competition. Marketing teams are always hard at work for bringing users to the website in-order to ramp up your social media presence.

Data is gathered, leads are generated and finally converted into customers. Even after such a long journey, your customers can easily be swiped away by competitors. Therefore finding the best possible tools for your customer retention is important. Salesforce CRM with its cutting edge technologies can prove to be a blessing for retaining customers.

Customer acquisition is important and people use Salesforce for this purpose but it is more important and beneficial to retain the old accounts. The work included is harder but so is the payoff. Salesforce can help you in following ways for retaining your good old accounts.

Centralizing All the Customer Data

One of the easiest looking ways of retaining customers is to solve customers’ problems but this is not that easy in reality. Organizations use many different applications and platforms that lead to data being stored across them thus decreasing efficiency. One simple solution to this problem is to store the data on a central location and integrate all systems. Salesforce is capable of collecting data from different platforms and storing it onto its records.

Tracking Relationships with Customers

Marketing people can use Pardot the marketing automation which can be directly integrated with Adwords to keep a track of leads and all interactions with customers. This information can help in figuring out who is interested in buying products and services and to resolve any queries.


Salesforce can provide you with important insight based on the data and information it collects about the customers. Organizations can use this information to send out personalized emails so that the customer feels that you are connected with them individually. Many third-party tools can also be used such as MailChimp to be integrated with Salesforce to send out MailShots.

Re-engaging Inactive Customers

Inactive Customer can also represent a large portion of opportunity. Those customers who have called off the deal in past may be willing to make the deal is introduced to a new offer or deals. You can integrate Salesforce with your Marketing Automation tool and Email Platform with the Salesforce to import lists of such inactive customer to reconnect with them.

Improved Services

It is probably the most important part of doing business that you provide proper and on-time services to customers. If you serve your customers well, the possibility is high that they will not switch. After Sales Services are also important. Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation can help you in this regard by providing you with an integrated platform that is not just good for sending offers and discounts but to handle their issues promptly as well.

Figuring out Why Customers are Leaving you

Delay in providing Services and bad customer support are the biggest reasons for customers leaving you. Salesforce Wave Analytics modules help you to dig deeper into Customer Behavior and to draw meaningful insight. The Salesforce Field Services Lightning allows you to communicate with delivery personals in real-time. This reduces the risk of delayed services to a great extent.

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