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Microsoft Teams Integrations Support Smarter Working

For Workplace Communications, Microsoft Teams is emerging as a tremendous Platform for Workflow Efficiency and Collaboration. But the question is, whether your Organization is leveraging its full potential or not?

Microsoft is always hard at work for making workplace communication even better and recently shared top Teams Integrations in order to make your workplace smarter. This includes integrations for better customer feedback, Workflow and Project Management, Employee polls, automation, collaborative and creative idea sharing and much more.

Workflow Transformation:

The ServiceNow integration can be used to transform Old Manual processes into digital and modern workflows. This greatly enhances productivity and efficiency.

Feedback from customers within Teams:

Integration with Twitter allows for designated staff to respond and share alerts that are relevant to your Organizations without switching away from Teams Platform. We all know the importance of Social Media in today’s world and this integration proves so much helpful.

Project Collaboration and Project Management:

Another Integration named Trello can be used to view tasks, notifications and project assignments. All of this without leaving the Teams Platform.

Automated Administrative Assistant: Integration enables offloading and automation of key tasks such as scheduling meetings, Reminders, daily briefing, Notifications and having conversations about them without having to leave the platform.

Values and Cultures:

Disco helps users and employees to focus on Core Values. It makes it possible to provide public recognition and Congratulate Partners in real-time.

Polls with Conversations:

You can create Surveys in Teams by using the Polly App. This can be done easily and results are displayed in real-time. It provides you with the information you need without clogging your inbox or disrupting Workflows.

Brainstorming Sessions:

MindMeister is an Online Mind-Mapping Tool that can be integrated to capture ideas and to visualize and share them across the Teams Platform while facilitating collaboration on key issues at the same time. Brainstorming sessions are key to get fresh ideas and to communicate yours in a better way.

Software Development:

Jira Software Integration provides developer teams a visual platform to plan, track and release amazing software faster and easier. And this can be done without disrupting any workflows. New and enhanced business software is required by every organization and this integration allows you to develop them without any effect on the business processes.

Build better Softwares that works best for you:

GitHub is an amazing integration that enables developers to work on the World’s best Software Development Platform from within the Teams Platform.

Creative Team Work:

Creative Work and Teamwork are mixed together on Teams Platform by using the Adobe Creative Cloud Integration. As these are the two major driving factors of success in your Organization.

Microsoft Corporation is always hard at work in making its various business platforms better. This includes Teams platform which is shaping up to be the best platform for Workplace Communications. We hope this guide proved helpful for you, whether you are just starting up or you are a well-established company looking to leverage the full potential of Teams Platform.

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