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Microsoft Teams: Quantifying the Value of Collaboration

Microsoft Is keen at positioning Teams as the key to enterprise hub for teamwork. A platform focused ON Workplace Communications, Innovation, Collaborations, and Workflow Efficiency.

Forrester Consulting conducted a Total Economic Impact Study of Microsoft Teams Commissioned by Microsoft, According to this study based on a survey of over 260 Teams Users over a number of industries, the main objectives for deploying Teams are:

  • To innovate faster and in a better way on an ever-increasing Competitive Marketplace.
  • Support for global-based Growth and collaboration across the world in new time zones and locations.
  • Enabling mobile-based employees to become more productive and to connect in a better way.
  • Provide for Integrated Collaboration Solutions that safeguard and scale information as well as ensure compliance.

Let’s take a look at some Key Benefits of Implementing Teams:

  • Using Teams greatly reduces the number of meetings and their durations. Online Meetings through Teams supports High-Quality Video and Audio Quality which enables employees to interact more and spend less time on setups. The total time saving resulting from this equals to Dollars 6.9 Million.
  • Teams eliminate the need to switch between applications and because of this Workers that rely heavily on Information save around one hours per week. Remote workers also benefit from Third-Party and Line-of-Business Applications being available inside the Teams Platform.  This totals to around Dollars 14.3 Million in savings.
  • Due to improved Collaboration and Information sharing, Workers save around four hours per week. Teams support features like Coauthoring, Internal directories and Integrated File Storage which enable efficient and effective Collaboration. Potential savings from this equal to around Dollars 14.3 Million.
  • Downtimes are reduced by 14.6 percent due to Online Resources available in Teams. Data is stored and available through a central Cloud-Based Storage, this reduces downtimes and Security and Compliance is enhanced due to lower complexities. According to an estimate, this time savings results in around Dollars 258,000 of financial savings.
  • The Time required for the decision made by Decision-makers sees an improvement of 17.7 percent. Information in Teams is readily available in a central and shared workplace. Due to this executive and Key Decision makers can easily communicate with their peers thus making decisions at a faster rate. This results in around 451,273 Dollars in savings.
  • This platform also enhances morale which results in improved Employee Satisfaction, Integration, and Empowerment. This reduces employee attrition rate from 11.8 percent to 11.4 percent which roughly translates to 20 lesser employees leaving the organization. As an added benefit Teams reduce the time required to train new employees.

Customers using Teams were really happy and pleased with how well this platform integrates with the rest of Office 365. One of the major advantages in mind when deploying Teams is Potential Cost Savings. It was estimated during this study that benefits and costs for a standard Organization with around 5,000 Users can be roughly 30.3 Million and 3.3 Million Dollars Respectively. The benefit from these figures amounts to 27.1 Million Dollars over a period of 3 Years.

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