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Microsoft Teams versus SharePoint

Many people out there confuse Microsoft Teams and SharePoint because they fail to understand the differences between them. This Guide is for you if you are confused about whether you should use SharePoint or Teams to store files or if you are still thinking about which one is best for you.

To start things up in this regard, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams are two totally different platforms and comparisons between them won’t be accurate. Let’s take a deeper look at how these platforms are different from each other.


SharePoint is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform with a heavy emphasis on Cloud-Based Technologies. SharePoint has been around for a number of years and is serving as a Collaboration platform by providing a module for various functions of an organization.

It can be thought of a one-stop-shop or a repository for content sharing within an organization in order to help in increasing revenues and productivity.

Primarily this platform is used to Document Storage because of its amazing Document Management Features but, you can use it to organize many other types of content like events, news, tasks, etc. SharePoint is also fully capable of integrating with Office 365 Applications like PowerApps, Flow, and others.

As you may have guessed by now SharePoint is a great collaboration tool, but it lacks in Communication and Social Aspects. Microsoft has tried creating SharePoint Social using Discussion Boards and Newsfeeds web parts in the past but still, this never went up to speed as it lacked functionality, engagement, and excitement that modern-day social tools got. This is where Microsoft Teams comes in.

Microsoft Teams:

On the other hand, Microsoft Teams is a Chat oriented Communication Tool. This can be thought of as an alternative to Email (Outlook). It enables you to chat with each other in a tweeter style manner instead of sending and receiving emails. You communicate by writing short or long messages all of which end up in a thread which are called channels in Teams. Both SharePoint and Microsoft Teams are united by an Office 365 Group. Whenever you create a new Team, a team is created together with an Office 365 Group together will all of its assets like a planner, calendar and yes off-course a SharePoint Site.

The Confusion related to SharePoint and Microsoft Teams happens because when a user clicks on a File Tab within Microsoft Teams, he or she can also see the files that are not stored on Microsoft Teams but on a Document Library that is part of a SharePoint Site. This is because SharePoint Site gets provisioned when you create a Team for a Chat. All makes sense now, doesn’t it?

Microsoft SharePoint is a complete suite of various modules that makes it a unified platform to handle all your business operations from a single place. You can get all the information about say your customers at one spot but this platform lacked the communication capabilities and so Microsoft Teams was introduced. Microsoft Teams took on the responsibility to make communication on a business level more creative.

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