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10 New Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is the latest and greatest offering of Microsoft Corporation and is a comprehensive platform encompassing ERP and CRM functionalities. This new offering improves upon the capabilities of the previous Microsoft Dynamics CRM Platform.

Dynamics 365 offers Superior Customer Relationship Management (CRM) performance along with functionality, security and pricing that Microsoft Customers are familiar with. Microsoft is hard at work to improve their platforms more and let’s take a look at 10 best new features of Microsoft Dynamics 365:

Site Map Designer

One of the key features of Dynamics 365 is the Site Map Designer. This module allows users to create and edit site maps without the need for professional designers and developers. Site Map Designer allows user to use their development skills in an easy to use Drag-and-Drag environment. It allows the creation of multiple site maps so you can create one for every app or serve as a guide for related categories.

App Modules

Probably one of the most popular new feature of Dynamics 365. Dynamics CRM allowed the use of Apps within it but Dynamics 365 has increased the use of these Apps by introducing Apps Module. This module enables the creation of Collection of Apps and Business Processes. These apps are no longer limited to a single site map or page and can be used without any limit across the platform.

Relevance Search

Relevance search is another awesome new addition to Dynamics 365 platform. This improved Search feature allows users to find key phrase and words based on relevance. Users can use keyphrases or keywords for searching and this saves a lot of valuable time. Dynamics 365 users can now use this feature to get more accurate results without refining search queries.

Relationship Insights

This is a valuable new source that is available online for now. This relationship insight feature records and tracks all communications and interactions of the user with customers. After gathering data Dynamics 365 analyzes it and provides suggestions and recommended actions.

Dynamics 365 for Outlook

Dynamics 365 is also capable of integrating with Microsoft Outlook in a better way. The new app is still on the right side of the screen and displays related records, recipient lists, new records and also any attachments and templates. Users can work much more effectively due to the integration of CRM with Email Applications.

Mobile Capabilities

The Mobile platform Experience has also been greatly improved with Dynamics 365. Expanding on a Mobile Platform that featured services like Calendars, video players, timelines, Dynamics 365 added layouts, workspaces, colours, editable grids, tracking and work task flows.

Editable Grids

Dynamics 365 users can now use this awesome feature to make in-line edits on both desktop and mobile versions. There is no need to open accounts to make information changes and users can now make edits with columns. The makes the user experience much more streamlined and less tedious.

Visual Process Designer

The Visual process designer is another excellent new Drag-and-Drop system in Dynamics 365. This module allows users to create Business Rules, Business Process flows and task flows. It provides timers, suggestions and the ability to affect workflows directly.


The ability to further integrate with other Microsoft Platforms and products is another valuable feature. An example is Dynamics 365’s integration with Power BI Platform. The entire dashboard from Power BI platform can be embedded into Dynamics 365.

Learning Paths

Dynamics 365 has also made it easier to learn this platform with the help of new Learning Path tool. It is really important to train staff during CRM implementation and time and required resources are really important. Learning Path with Dynamics 365 provides guided tasks, videos and how-to documentation to help people during their learning process. These Learning resources can be tailored for different users depending on their job and duties.

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