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New Training Options of K2 Platform

The key to success with K2 is making sure that Costumers and Users have access to resources and tools needed to be agile and smart for building Business Process Automation Applications that can drive radical impact across their Organization.

At K2 developers are always looking for options to connect with their customers and help them drive their Digital Transformation Journey.

K2 has recently launched K2 Customer Success Program in order to help drive innovation through many different initiatives. This is to provide support for the best training, skills, services, and knowledge to achieve success with K2 Platform.

When you buy any type of Platform Solution, the greatest challenge in the early stage. The initial steps are the hardest as you are getting started with the new tool. You have to learn how to tailor the tool to your need and also how to use and navigate around it. With the new Customer, Success Program K2 has designed a series of packages that are designed to provide guidance on every step of this crucial phase from purchase to the point where your first Application go Live.

At the bottom of this program are four fundamentals that are crucial to driving success. A user needs to achieve these four pillars to jumpstart application journey and to create applications faster and in a smarter way. This helps in unleashing the true power of K2 and to increase Returns on Investments.

There are three offerings of the Customer Success Program. These are:

Installation Services:

This is an easy and affordable way of ensuring a stable and well Performing K2 Certified Platform. With this, K2 takes care of infrastructure maintenance for K2 Cloud users and for On-Premises Users K2 has formulated a three-step installation service based on two simple criteria i.e. Server Needs and Identity Management Configurations.

Installation Services consists of Preparations, Installation, and Testing of your K2 platforms. All of this is done remotely and according to your convenience.

Customer Success Enablement Packages:

This feature accumulates all necessary components for training, mentoring and Workshops. The aim here to provide help on every step of initial Application Development, Administration and Platform Security.

The Customers get access to K2 Service Team, either onsite or remote through which application design guidance and system coaching is provided to the customer and yes of-course user questions and issues are also addressed.

This offers both remote and Onsite Hybrid Remote Delivery services to make sure that you get the best performing platform and to empower you to get your first Application live and running as soon as possible.

Training and Certifications:

K2 has kept a keen eye on the skill set of its diverse user base. And through K2 University they have offered a new virtual training space for users with live tracks focusing on K2 Power Users and K2 Citizen Developer Initiative.

There are a number of options when it comes to Training and Certification like Subscriptions, a la carte classes, and certification exams to enable you to choose the best option to master the K2 Platform.

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