WebRTC Chatting App

Diva Search is a social plus matrimony application where users can chat, video call and look for prospective friend/mate based on their choices.

Platform Availability

Android | iOS

Business Domain

Communication | Consumer | Social & Communities

Features To Match With

Features that made the app successful

Location-aware feature

Connect with right people at right time & at right place using Live Video Caller. Location aware feature of Live Video Caller brings people from your location with.

Search feature

Live Video Caller offers search feature which allows easy sorting of people by location, age or interests so you can spend less time screening users and more time connecting with real people.

Social Availability

Live Video Caller allows easy integration with Facebook, Twitter and Google+ which makes it easy to see who your friends are connected with so you can get into conversation and meet new people.


Simple Design For Faster Performance

More Features That Stands Out

WebRTC based real time audio,video, and text chatting application with location sensitive features.
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    Location Based Connectivity

    Location aware feature of Diva Search Application allows you see who’s in your neighborhood so you can connect with the right people, at the right time in the right place.

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    Self-destructive Feature

    Application allow users to share audio, video, image file etc among friends and family. Self-destructive feature of the application also allow users to automatically remove the photos on receivers end.

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    Video Profile

    Users of the app can build exhaustive profiles and include an introduction video to let people know more about them.

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    Tagging People

    It’s easier to connect when you have something in common. Tagging helps you in telling the world what you love whether it’s a certain movie, a lifetime hobby, or a favourite food, we make it easy to connect with people who have the same interests as you.

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