About 232 Power BI App

232 Power BI system accumulates all the submitted filings from SharePoint Online and shows all cumulative filings for Steel and Aluminum.

Platform Availability

Android | iOS

Business Domain

Government Sector | Public Sector

Key Features

Reporting all the submitted filing for steel and aluminum

Tracking Submission

Power BI reports are able to connect to SharePoint Online and show all the individual’s filings.

Status Management

Business Users can easily track status for different submission at one place.

Key Data Points

All the submitted forms data is stored in SharePoint List. Apart from key metadata, all the form data is stored as JSON Object. Power BI is able to parse that json object and able to show submitted values.

Download Reports

Generated reports can be easily downloaded to csv and excel for management use.

App Visuals

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Solution Highlights

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    Fast Development

    SP Tech evaluates the business use case and choose the Power BI as a tool to create solution. Power BI provides simplify management, compliance, and keep data secure while giving people access to the insights they need.

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    Managing Application

    Statistics for all submitted exclusion request. It allows monthly view across all submission.

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    Error free & well-informed

    232 Reporting is developed using Power BI hence application is more scalable and powerful and has the ability to process a huge amount of data while ensuring quality and security.

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