Petition Counseling System (PCS) Power BI App

PCS Power BI App provides reporting to staff to track petition counseling sessions and related activity.

Platform Availability

Android | iOS

Business Domain

Government Sector | Public Sector

Features To Match With

Features that made the app successful

Counselling Session Overview

PCS Staff can generate Power BI report to see all the petitions at different stages and can filter based on quarter, session date, product, investigation type and so on.

SME Report

Quarterly report based on SME and sessions. Multiple filters to get to the needed data.

Pre and Post Session Report

Detailed counselling session report for all the products, organization, session type & investigation type and so on.


Simple Design For Faster Performance

More Features That Stands Out

WebRTC based real time audio,video, and text chatting application with location sensitive features.
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    Petitions Overview

    PCS staff are now up to date with all the petitions within minutes. It saves so much time and efforts for all the reviewers in managing the workloads.

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    State Map

    Petitioners by state provide quick view of petitions files by organization from states.

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    Detailed Initiated Investigation

    Exhaustive Power BI report will the petition details with filtered based on quarter, product, country, organization and so on.

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    Petitioners by Country/Location

    Generating statistics of filing based on country and location to identify the workloads

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