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Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud

Salesforce is one of the most popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that is heavily based on Cloud Technologies and offers a number of platforms. Salesforce CRM platform has announced a manufacturing Cloud which is a new industry-focused product for Manufacturers.

Manufacturing Cloud is a component of Salesforce’s Customer 360 Platform aimed for those Manufacturers, whose main focus is predicting demand and to make arrangements for the required inventory for the given products in order to fulfill customer demands. This encompasses Sales, account teams and operations to formulate more robust projections.

Manufacturing Industry is dependent on predictions and changes in customer and market demand can have destructive effects. This is because highly complex physical operations cannot be changed at a shorter notice according to the changing customer demand. Operations teams are not always aligned perfectly with the sales team to have a real-time view of all aspects regarding relationships with customers. Manufacturing Cloud is developed to get a better understanding of what is happening at the ground level.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important Advantages of Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud.

  • Manufacturers have a desire to align sales forecast with core operations, demand planning and production planning functions.
  • Moving towards a digital environment for planning helps in making decisions with a full 360 view of demand and consumption in real-time.
  • Provides a new level of business visibility and enables greater collaboration between Sales and Operations management of a Manufacturing Company.
  • It enables Team Members to create highly accurate forecasts and also allows them to adjust these forecasts in real-time. Accounting for market demands and evolving customer requirements is also aided by this platform.
  • Helps in Bringing Sales team and Operations teams together on a comprehensive and unified view of customer and market demands so that the business can more accurately forecast, plan and drive Business Performance.
  • Easily make and maintain connections with distributors and dealers on sales, marketing, and services platforms.
  • Respond quickly to service related queries, to be able to close more deals and to take up new opportunities to increase revenues.
  • Provide field technicians and Service Agents with a 360-degree customer view and prompt data on entitlements and warranties.
  • Helps in transforming Online Purchasing Process. Product mixes, pricing agreements, and contracts can all be tailored to customer’s needs.
  • Features a smart scheduler that dispatches the right technician to the right task or job. This increases first-time fix rates.
  • Unifies the Marketing Platform to enable end-to-end customer engagement across all channels.
  • Sales and Operations department communication is highly optimized. Also ensures more transparent and predictive business so that sales teams can build deeper and trusted relationships with customers.
  • More personalized connections can be made with customers across email, web, social, mobile and much more with the help of AI-powered insights.
  • Users can have a better view of their customers through Account-Based Forecasting Solutions.

There some other worth mentioning functions like:

Einstein Analytical engine for manufacturing:

Account Managers are provided with access to a highly intelligent analytical engine that provides them with KPIs related to Account Health, Product penetrations, Demand Insights, and Sales Agreement Progress.

Anytime Platform by Microsoft:

Helps in unlocking data from any application, device or data source. The source can be on-premise or in the Cloud.


Features new pre-built template templates that are designed and specified to the manufacturing industry. This helps in extending sales agreements to channel partners so that collaborative actions can be taken on Leads and Opportunities.

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