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Services Included in Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is a great release by Microsoft Corporation. It combines the functionalities of CRM and ERP platforms with reporting capabilities of Power BI. It covers all aspects of your business and breaks functionalities into different modules so that you can adopt it quite flexible. Let’s take a look at Services Provided by Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Flow

This service uses the Common Data Service for apps and allows users to create automated workflows to handle repetitive administrative tasks. It also offers pre-baked workflow i.e. digital sequences that trigger certain actions when some specific activity occurs.

Users can use them to take advantages like creating CRM leads when a particular phrase or word is tweeted by someone, sending email to a group when data alert is triggered in your analytics or tracking Outlook emails in an Excel Spreadsheet.

Power Apps

This module helps Organizations in creating their responsive Business Applications with just a click and is powered by Dynamics 365’s Common Data Services for Apps. Applications like Cost Estimators, Employee Engagement tools, to-do lists, the budget tracker can be developed without any thorough knowhow of coding or help from professional developers.

Microsoft Social Engagement

Social Media is a really important part of our lives today. It is not only important for finding and selling t customers but also for creating brand loyalty through great services. Microsoft Social Engagement is a CRM module that connects with Dynamics 365 to help you with your Social Activities.

Social Engagement provides a platform to deliver, monitor and analyze social media interactions. It also helps in keeping a track of what people are talking about in your Industry. With the help of Social Engagement Interface, users can create and assign cases or sales in Dynamics 365, respond to interactions and analyze sentiments.

Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights

Businesses trying to get a competitive edge in today’s world require real and actionable insight from the business data. Customers expect to get personalized experience and interactions through channels most suitable to them. Dynamics 365 for Customer Insight is powered by Azure services to help Businesses Collate, Digest and to gain value from their data in an easy to use platform.

Customer Insight helps businesses in pulling together customer data into useful dashboards enabled by customizable, turnkey analytics and reports that help in getting practical insights and for predicting further steps.

This provides a centralized location to bring together data from several sources. Such customer insights allow businesses to get a true 360-degree view of their customers including their buying habits. This also helps in making predictions and to make informed decisions.

Every customer has a profile in Customer Insights and presents a comprehensive view of all information related to a customer. All the interactions of the customers with the business-like communications, buying, services cases, survey responses are al compiled in an interactions section. Any connections between profiles are mapped in the relationships section.

To help businesses target the right type of audiences for their products and services and to ensure that they are focusing on the right customers with their messages, Customer Insights is capable of automatically generating and updating Segments, also for adding or removing customers based on actions and events.

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