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SharePoint site examples built with out of the box features

The focus of this article is to share with you a few examples of SharePoint Sites that can be built using the Out-of-the-Box Functionality of the SharePoint Platform. There are a number of users out there, who are strictly about Out-of-the-Box Features.

This is where Business Model and Philosophy is quite simple, what is the reason behind spending money on third party add-on and themes when you can create fully functional and attractive Sites using the functions that you are already paying for as part of your Office 365 Subscription.

Team Site or Project:

This is such a Site where your Team would collaborate. Usually, this is an Office 365 Group to enable the members to also avail the benefits of Planner, Outlook and Teams. These sites themselves feature many elements for Information Exchange and Collaboration in such a way that it stitches everything together. Access to This Site is also restricted in terms of permissions so that team members with proper privileges can access it. An example can be a Human Resource HR Team Site.

Let’s take a look at the elements of SharePoint Team Site:

  • Outlook Calendar:

It is tied to Shared Group Calendar in Outlook because Team Site is part of Office 365 Group. This enables you to display upcoming Team meetings on your Site Page.

  • News and Announcements:

News Web part is an amazing way to share all the critical news updates, latest developments, and milestones with the team.

  • Recent Documents:

There are many ways to display Recent Documents in SharePoint. This enables the visitor of the SharePoint site to see what documents were modified recently. This also helps them in judging whether the project is ongoing or not.

  • Quick Links:

This allows you to share Bookmarked URLs easily with the members of the Team. For Example, this could be a link to a client website, document or a SharePoint Site that you want to share with the team.

  • Quick Launch Links to Outlook, Planner, Teams, OneNote Notebook:

A unique feature of the SharePoint Team Site is the navigation panel that you can access on the left-hand side of the window. This allows you to link important sources related to the project for your Team

  • Document Library:

Obviously, you will require a document library to store documents in SharePoint.

Department Site:

A department Site refers to an Employee facing Site. Take an example of a Human Resource Site, Human Resource Department might want to share content with the employees and sharing of Private team site would not be a good idea so you can simply create an employee-facing site for them. Typical features of such a site are:

  • News and Announcements.
  • Quick Links.
  • People Web Part.
  • Hero Web Part.
  • SharePoint Calendars.
  • Document Library

Intranet Landing Page:

As you create all these Communication Sites and Office 365 Sites on your intranet, you very well be in a need to tie it all together at a single place. A commonplace with company links, official company calendar, news, and announcements, etc. Ideally, all employees should have access to this site. For this purpose, you can create the main site or a Homepage based on Communication Site Template.

  • News and Announcements.
  • Quick Links.
  • Weather Module.
  • Tweeter Feed.
  • Hub Navigation.
  • Hero Web Part.

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