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Simplify Complex Workflow with K2 Platform

K2 is an amazing platform when it comes to automating and simplifying complex and recurring Business Processes. It is a Low Code Based Platform that is highly user-friendly so that more and more organizations could use it.

Every team requires a flow of Content, it is the lifeblood of a team but how can we make work moving and flowing across Users, Systems, and Organization?

Traditionally Email has been the main source for sharing Important Content. However, companies are increasingly searching for a Content-Based Collaboration Platform like the Dropbox. This is because they need a way to remove hurdles to collaborations and sharing, Compliance with Data Security Policies and to Centralize files at a single location. But to connect Applications with the Content, Users may still be required to:

  • Search for and accessing content residing in emails, across desktop, and on cloud-based storages.
  • Manage and Control File Version History.
  • Apply Metadata manually for organizing documents.
  • Moving back and forth between systems of record.

Allow Content and Work Flow:

Use the power of K2 and Dropbox to connect and access your data by creating robust workflows that minimize productivity gaps. K2’s Low Code Application Development platform can be connected with Dropbox content to simplify workflows and use Dropbox data to automate tasks. This will help in kicking off and streamlining everyday processes.

On a0ll tasks from Contact creation to vendor management, this combined solution will help you in managing the flow of work between systems, humans, and Technologies.

Like for an example, a loan application is a multi-step process. The processing may require countless cycles of rework before acceptance.  By using K2 and Dropbox you can automate these cycles by routing the latest content towards submitters and approvers to enable collaboration and approval before acceptance.

This combination of K2 and Dropbox also opens the possibility to connect with other line-of-business systems on which your users rely. You can use Drag-and-Drop tools to quickly deliver business solutions that your users require.

Also, Real-Time Tracking and Reporting enables you to Understand how well your Data is performing so that you can Optimize Dropbox Workflows and Content in order to gain higher levels of Collaboration and Productivity.

Automation through Cloud-First, User-First:

More and More Companies are migrating their content to Cloud and it is becoming increasingly important to connect your Content and Applications to streamline Automation. This collaboration of K2 Low-code-platform with Dropbox will help you in:

  • Managing the flow of Dropbox Content across System, Human and AI-based tasks at a Central Location.
  • Creation of a Workplace for your teams to access the files required and for collaboration.
  • Meeting Your Business Needs by creating Complex Workflows using Dropbox Content.
  • Complying with the Policies on security even when the Content is on the Move.

There you have it, our guide on how you can simplify and enhance business processes. We hope this guide was helpful for you in understanding how you can simplify and connect content and how you can automate workflows.

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