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Top 10 Highlights of DreamForce 2019

DreamForce is a massive Congregation of the Salesforce Community. It is the biggest event for Salesforce developers and users. Thousands of people attended this mega event in 2019 and many wanted to join but couldn’t. So let’s take a look at the major highlights of DreamForce 2019.

Data Masking for Sandboxes

Data Governance issue can affect businesses with consequences like data insecurity and loss of costumers. Security Compliance requirements have been tightening up and all companies are now bound to evaluate their technical and Organizational controls to ensure compliance. 

Salesforce Content Management System

Users can easily create and deliver content to any channel easily with the help of Salesforce CMS. Almost every Organization craves to deliver personalized content for its customers and touch-points are increasing daily during this age of social media boom. Salesforce has reinvented its CMS to cope up with this situation.

Customer 360 Data Manager

Another impressive highlight is the Customer 360 Data Manager. This is a Cross-Cloud Initiative that is aimed at making B2C Marketing, Service Products and Commerce to work together in a better way.

DreamForce Highlight (Pardot Sandbox)

This DreamForce Highlight is one of the most awaited features for Salesforce Platform. Pardot Sandboxes can help partners and marketers to perform tests on the marketing journey configured in engagement studio and to make any changes required before publishing.

Interactive Emails

Salesforce has acquired Rebel which is a leader in interactive emails. Rebel’s technology is being integrated into Salesforce Marketing Cloud to make personalized email marketing journey easier with the help of Journey Builder and Email Studio.

Dynamic Forms and Actions

This Highlight relates to the Lightning Feature by Salesforce and is about the evolution of lightning record pages. The next big step in this regard is Dynamic Forms. With the help of Dynamic form, you can migrate the fields and sections from the page layout to any individual component on the lightning app builder.

Call Coaching and Call Transcribing

Another worth mentioning highlight is the amazing Call transcribing and Call coaching Solution. This helps your Sales team in understanding what is happening with the customer calls. Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) enables Einstein to call coaching module to analyze the call recordings and provide valuable insight.

Trailhead Go

The brand new mobile app for Trailhead was launched exclusively for IOS and Ipad. Trailhead Go includes brand new sets of micro badges and is a fruit of Salesforce and Apple strategic partnership. It aims to make the learning process for beginners much more easy and fun. 

Salesforce Mobile IOS Software Development

This DreamForce Highlight relates to the launch of Salesforce Mobile IOS following the Salesforce and Apple strategic partnership. A new version of Salesforce Mobile IOS Software Development Kit (SDK) has been introduced which is an open-source toolkit that provides Xcode templates and Objective-C Libraries that enables developers to create IOS applications that are capable of connecting with Salesforce securely.

Einstein Vision & Language

Einstein Vision is powered by the power of AI and is capable of training deep learning models to recognize and classify images at scale. Features such as Brand detection, Visual Search and product identification can enhance how your customers discover products, monitoring brand across all channels and in streamlining your processes.

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