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Ways to Display Recently Modified Documents on a SharePoint Website

It is a nice practice to show recently modified documents on a SharePoint Website Homepage. Web Developers put special emphasis on this feature while creating a department or project site for their clients. This simple trick helps you in determining whether the site is Active or Not.

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This also helps new users to see when the document was modified or added. Let’s take a look at all of the available options to display recently modified documents on a SharePoint site.

Setting Up Activity Web Part

The First option available here is to use the Site Activity Web Part. This feature is provisioned as part of the Office 365 Groups and is added by default to all SharePoint Sites.

This function, however, shows all activities and displays what is going on with the Website including Document changes. So due to the fact that it shows a log of all activities, it might me too much for the user to digest and find the information he or she is looking for.

Highlighting Content Web Part

The Next Option available is to use HCWP (Highlighted Content Web Part). This feature can be thought of like a modern version of CSWP (Content Search Web Part) and CQWP (Content Query Web Part) from the older versions of SharePoint.

Just like CSWP and CQWP, HCWP can display content from a number of sources, but for the sake of this article, it enables displaying recently Modified Documents from different libraries in an easy to understand format. You just have to specify what exactly it is that needs to be displayed or rolled up.

Recent Documents Web Part

Recent Documents is another option and Web part that can be used in this regard. This Web Part is a bit different from the Web parts already discussed above. It displays all the recently accessed or modified documents from all of the SharePoint sites as well as from the related OneDrive Account of the Logged in Users.

It doesn’t matter to which SharePoint Site it is added, as it will display document changes from all Sites. So this basically means that this shows activities from User Logged-in on OneDrive and any SharePoint Site. Training for employees is recommended on this feature before introducing so that they understand it well and there are no unnecessary calls to the Help Support.

Using the Information Panel from Document Library On Sharepoint Website

For users with no Web Parts added to the given Web page, there is still an option to view recent activities. You can click on “I” Panel within a Document Library and view the Log for recent Activities related to the given Document Library.

Site Activity Usage Report

Site Usage Report can be accessed to check on the activities related to your Site. You can access this by:

  1. Clicking on Gear Icon and then selecting the Site Usage option from the drop-down menu in a SharePoint website
  2. Here you will be able to see a high-level overview of all the activities together with some brief Statistics to help you better understand and analyze the Information.

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