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What does the Future Hold for Salesforce?

Salesforce is the market leader in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platforms and has created a storm in the world of Marketing and Sales of Services and Products. Businesses from all types of industries can avail its benefits. It is based on Cloud-based technologies and has reinforced the importance of using Consumer data for Communications at large scale using real-time messages.

This increased level of interactions with consumers and the ability to fulfil their needs ultimately helps companies in retaining them and to retain their competitive advantage.

Companies from across the World and from different sectors are adopting Salesforce intending to improve productivity and Organizational growth. These Industrial Sectors Include:

  • Financial Services.
  • Retail.
  • Communications.
  • Life Sciences.
  • Public Sectors.
  • Media.
  • Automotive.

In today’s world more and more businesses are searching for innovative methods to get the best results from CRM platforms. And so there is a lot of Technological upgradation expected to happen in Salesforce CRM during the year 2020. The purpose of these updates is to enhance the overall experience of users and to enable them to reach their goals and objectives in the shortest possible time.

Let’s take a look at top Technological upgrades expected to happen in 2020 for Salesforce Platform. These Predictions are based on moves made by the Salesforce platform during 2019.

  • Much more features were added to Lightning Platform as compared the Classic Platform.
  • Salesforce made several Acquisitions including ClickSoftware, Tableau, Bonobo AI, Mapanything and Griddable.
  • New Consumer Cloud was introduced for different Industrial sectors like Retail, Manufacturing and Blockchain.
  • Einstein AI-based Analytics tool was extended to various cloud platforms like Services Cloud, Financial Services Cloud and Commerce Cloud.

Let’s keep these moves in mind and take a look at some predictions for the year 2020.

Bringing more technologies under the hood

Salesforce made a lot of Acquisitions during 2019 for billions of dollars. This shows that Salesforce is aiming to bring various technological changes to its future CRM modules including Location-based intelligence software integration (Mapanything), synchronizing enterprise data in Cloud (Griddable), Introducing Data Analytics and Data visualization (Tableau), AI-powered Communication Tools (Bonobo AI) and improving field-based services in Salesforce Service Cloud ()ClickSoftware.

Unifies Customer Profiles powered by Customer 360

A huge number of organizations are moving towards Customer 360 mainly for collecting data from sales, marketing and other departments of the Organization and to transform such data into useful insight that helps in forecasting Sales Opportunities, solving customer’s problems, formulating marketing plan and for product recommendations.

Lightning Platform to take Center Stage

User-Friendly Features and modules are being added to lightning platform in-order to make it more productive and user-friendly. More importantly, these new features are only introduced for Salesforce lightning and not for the classic platform. This suggests that Salesforce will introduce more features for the Lightning platform to increase its adoption by users.

More Mobile Focus

Salesforce needs to prioritize mobility needs of those sellers and businesses that are not fulfilled yet. The advent of 5G mobile networks has also made it more important than speed, reliability and security of enterprise and customers mobile experience should be enhanced. This is a major challenge for your enterprise to stay adapt to ever-changing Mobile Environment that has a major impact on Sales Performance.

Increasing the scale of Einstein Analytical Engine

Salesforce in the year 2019 extended the powerhouse AI tool called Einstein into many Cloud Service Offerings. This includes Financial Service Cloud that helps Finance Companies to access this Data-based AI tool and to get actionable insight and recommendations keeping in focus Customer needs. So there is a high chance that Einstein AI tool will be extended to many other cloud services as well during 2019.

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